The Non-Credit-Card Way Of Rebuilding Your Credit Score: Part 2

When you’re trying to rebuild your credit, there are multiple ways of doing it without relying on a credit card. In part 1, we discussed reporting your rent, and placing household bills in your name. In part 2 we cover three other ways to increase favorability on your credit report.

Open a bank account. Although your bank account won’t increase your credit score, this is a great way to start building a healthy relationship with the bank. If you have a good standing account, you are more likely to be approved for a loan.

Try to get a small loan. You know that bank we told you to open an account with above? If you’ve kept your account in good standing for a period of time, try getting a small loan with them. Your payment history will reflect positively on your credit report.  You should be able to at least borrow the amount that’s available in your savings or checking account.

These tactics are a really easy and smart way to increase your credit score. In part 3, we will have other ways to build your credit report.

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