Why Consumers May Want To Avoid Fast Bucks

Fast Bucks is a payday loan company that claims to focus solely on payday loans. Many customers who have used them are dissatisfied with their service. When rated on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest, they scored low in the areas of service, cost, timing and willingness to use again. This survey was done by Samedaypay.com. Here are some of the complaints consumers have had. Decide whether you want to deal with this or avoid the company all together.

  • “They are rude and disrespectful people. I got a $200 loan was a few days late on my payment and started receiving threatening calls and they were always yelling.” – Utah
  • “The manager will call and yell at you on the phone, she will also threaten you if you are even a day late. My original loan was $250, I ended up paying almost $1000 back. After I was finished paying, they just kept taking money out of my account.” – Twin Falls
  • ‘I don’t like the fees, I feel like I would do better going through a loan shark.”

Seems like consumers were mostly dissatisfied with customers service.

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