Top Physical & Online Installment Loan Lenders You Can Trust: Part 3

With online lending growing in popularity, it’s hard to believe that brick and mortar banking is still a primary option. For many people, getting a loan from someone in person is a more preferred solution. There’s something appealing about the interaction, plus you have a chance to get to actually see and speak with the person who will approve or disapprove your loan. The following online lenders have physical locations as well as online locations:

Springleaf Financial: This online and physical lender gives you the option of completing an application online or in person. You can get loan amounts ranging from $1,500–$25,000.

Wells Fargo: For bigger amounts, Wells Fargo may be a more favorable solution. You can secure loan amounts anywhere from $3,000–$100,000 without collateral.

OneMain Financial: This lending official also allows you to complete a loan application online. If you get approved, you have to go into a nearby branch to finish the loan.

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