Complaints About Cash Central

Cash Central positions itself as a payday lender who provides short-term solutions to temporary financial needs.  However, there are some consumers who have complained about them. From customer service and cost to timing and support, consumers have given this company a poor score ranking below average. Here are some of the direct complaints customers have had about this company:

  • “Had money taken out of my account by these rip-offs and have never had a payday loan with them or anyone in my life. Called and they are very rude. Stay clear of them as I think they are a rip-off”
  • “Just received a threatening and despairingly voicemail from this so called company. Requested validation of debt, Cash Central said I opened a loan in did no such thing..”
  • “If you ask them what the APR is, they tell you to go to the website, no matter what, and they CANNOT see that information on their side.”
  • “They took payment earlier than the arranged payment and are still harassing me for an account that is 100 percent paid.”

Please be aware of the experience of others before using this company.

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