Workarounds to Renting When You Have Bad Credit: Part 2

Bad credit can affect your life in many ways. Not only will it prevent you from buying a home, it can also stand in the way of you finding a place to rent as well. In part 1 of this series, we covered 2 ways you can try to ease a landlord’s concern of you moving in. This time we are going to cover two more.

  • Have a personal reference: If you’ve been able to establish renting history and it’s pretty good, you may be able to use your last landlord as a reference. This may help your potential landlord overlook your bad credit and give you approval on your application.
  • Discuss. This may seem simple, but often times all you have to do is discuss the fact that you have bad credit upfront with your landlord. You can explain your situation with the landlord and let them know that it has nothing do with you being able to pay your rent on time. They may appreciate your willingness to discuss their concerns and grant your application anyway.

Next time, we will cover 2 more ways to address bad credit problems when you’re ready to rent a place to stay.

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