If you’re ever curious about your credit score, there are plenty of sources to choose from that‘ll show you. You can opt to pay to see your credit score. The paid site option is called MyFICO.com. You can purchase your credit score from the three credit bureaus for $19.95 per report. This is the site used by nearly 90% of creditors and lenders.

You also have free websites to choose from. Not only do they provide your credit score, but they also provide free information as well. These sites do not usually require a credit card meaning you can check it anytime you wish. The free websites are as follows:

  • Creditkarma.com
  • CreditSesame.com
  • Credit.com
  • Quizzle.com

It’s important to note that these sites do not offer the same scores that the lender will see. The points are usually 40 to 70 points higher.

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