In part 1 of How To Identify Soft Inquiries On Your Credit Report, we covered factors that can take a soft hit at your credit report. These included, checking your own credit score, getting pre-approved credit card offers and going through background checks. Each time you try to apply for credit that’s considered an inquiry. These inquiries allow lenders to see when and where you’ve searched for credit in the past. Soft inquiries are not as detrimental to your credit score as hard inquiries. In part 2, you will see other factors that may be considered soft hits to your credit score:

  • Opening a checking, savings or money market account: When you get ready to open up a new bank account, your bank will likely run a credit check on you.
  • Renting a car or truck.
  • Getting a cable, satellite or Internet account.
  • Applying for car insurance or homeowners insurance.

The best thing to do is always find out if the financial institution or company that’s checking your credit, will be doing so as a hard or soft inquiry.  If they can’t answer you, just walk away.

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