3 Important Things That Impact Your Credit Score Negatively

While you’re on the mission of improving your credit score, there may be instances where you aren’t seeing a huge impact. Maybe you’re making payments on time and keeping balances low, but for some reason your credit score stays stagnate. When this happens, look at other factors that could be dragging it down.

Other things that could keep your credit low is the length of your credit history and the type of accounts you have.

Type of Accounts – Having a healthy variety of accounts on your credit plays a huge role in your credit score. To show that you’re responsible for managing various kinds of credit, you want to have active installment and revolving accounts. Don’t open up any new accounts, however, if you can’t handle it.

Length of Credit History – When it comes to credit history, the longer you’ve had it usually means the better your score. Since you can’t do anything about the amount of time you’ve had credit, you’ll just have to be patient as you build responsibly.

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