Why Paying Your Utilities With A Credit Card Is A Bad Idea

Often times, the more purchases you make with your credit card, the better the rewards are. But, that doesn’t mean all purchases should be done with your credit card. For example, utility bills.  Many utility companies will allow you to link your card to your account so you can make payments easily and automatically. It may seem like a great opportunity at first because 1) you don’t have to remember to make a payment on time and 2) the utility company will let you do it without charging an extra fee.

However, there are some experts who are against making your household payments with a credit card. Main reason because it could get you into financial trouble.  If you don’t check your balance and pay it off on time each month, you will start to get hit with interest charges by your credit card company.

Avoid this from happening by not charging your utility bills on your credit cards.

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