In Part 2 of Various Reasons Your Credit Card May Get Declined, we covered 2 overlooked reasons your credit card may be declined such as reaching your credit limit and keying in incorrect information.

In part 3, we cover 2 other reasons your credit card may be declined:

  • Missed payments. If you’ve fallen behind on any of your payments, your company may freeze your card. You’ll have to get caught up before it’ll be reactivated. The more you’re late, the shorter your credit limit may become.
  • Your credit report was hit. Have you missed any bill payments? If your credit report has taken a hit, it may have an effect on your credit card as well. Your credit card company may decide to minimize your credit line use. Be sure to monitor your credit report and stay up to date on all of your credit accounts.

These two reasons will surely get your credit card declined. Take a look at part 4 to learn two more reasons your credit card may be denied.

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