Reasons A Credit Card Company May Close Your Card Without Notice

It can be frustrating when a credit card company closes or cancels your account without you being aware of it. You usually don’t know about it until you’re in the middle of trying to make a purchase.

Why would a credit card company do this? There are two main reasons:

#1 – They may do this if you miss a payment. They can revoke all the benefits you’ve earned and not even give you notification or warning. In the event this happens to you, you must realize that the credit company does have the right to close your card for any reason that they choose. They are able to do so especially in cases of missed payments or suspicion of theft.

#2 – They can also close your card if it’s been inactive too long. The best way to avoid this is to use your card occasionally, so you aren’t shocked when you try to use it and discover that it’s been cut off.

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