Making the Most of Your Retail Credit Card: Part 3

In part 1 and part 2 of Making The Most Of Your Retail Credit Card, We covered the importance of not using your card for financing. We also covered when the most ideal time is to sign up for a card. In part 3, we cover the added benefits stores may offer exclusively to its card holders.

Retail credit cards come with special benefits and incentives for their card holders. Stores like Target REDcard gives its shoppers the option of free shipping for orders placed online, not to mention an extra 30 days for returns. Then there are stores like L.L. Bean who offer card holders free monogramming on L.L. Bean products. Cool, isn’t it? Before signing up for a retail credit card, find out what special incentives they extend to their card holders. You’d be surprised at what you may score.

Don’t’ get carried away with sign up. Keep in mind that it reflects back on your credit report. Too many in a short amount of time can be negative on your credit report.

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