7 Items You Should Never Put On Your Credit Card

Over the years, people have used credit cards for all sorts of purchases both big and small. There are several perks that come along with it including, special rewards points. You can also enjoy a higher credit score if you keep up with your payments on time. But, there are some items you should not use your credit card for.

Think twice before using your credit card for:

  • Small indulgences – Don’t use your credit card for things like lattes and sandwiches. Over time your balance could grow if you don’t pay it off each month. After all, who wants to pay $50 for a latte they drank 2 months ago?
  • Cash Advances – It’s often very costly to borrow money against your credit card.
  • College Tuition – College is expensive. But, if you use your credit card to pay for it, you may not be able to pay off the balance before having to start paying interest on it.  
  • Cars – Don’t use your credit card to buy a car unless you know you’ll have the means of paying it off.
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